The Barnhill House Toys and Books

An old-fashioned toy store.

Customer Reviews

I just discovered this jewel that I didn’t know existed in Brenham. Wonderful!!! I went in there yesterday and I fell in love with the store!! It’s full of unique toys, books, games, crafts, etc. I was able to just about finish my shopping for the little ones and to top it all off, they gift wrapped all my presents for me!! Very helpful and friendly staff. I’m so glad I sound this adorable shop!!
— Jolene C.
This may just be the best toy store I’ve ever been to! They have so many wonderful toys and books from my childhood that I am so happy to share with my son. We’ll be visiting every year on our wildflower trip.
— Meghan S.
With such a huge selection of quality toys, I could have spent hours shopping. Betsy has filled the store with toys you can’t find anywhere else, and Faith knows exactly which toys are popular for a particular age group. I’m going back to browse when I have more time!
— Diane C.
This is a great toy/book store! A great selection of books for children of all ages and fun old fashioned toys that kids love.
— Annye K.
They have a bunch of older type toys. Tin cars, robots, and stuffed animals. It’s a wonderful place to shop for that hard to find gift. You can’t help but feel like a kid when you are in there.
— Greg F.

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